Simon Wright

Yoga Teacher & Massage Therapist in Bristol, UK

Simon’s yoga practice over the past few years has been influenced by multiple lineages of yoga. He found yoga helped reduce stress and he noticed that his range of movement started to improve. Gradually became physically stronger and his flexibility increased which encouraged his confidence to grow. Following the diagnosis of severe lower back problems, he started to practice yoga daily as an effective form of exercise to  maintain some degree of mobility but to also help with managing the effects caused by chronic pain.

Whilst he used yoga to help him manage these issues on a daily basis, he observed that yoga was having a positive influence on other aspects of his physical health and improving his emotional well-being. His relationship with himself started to improve which resulted in him beginning to live a reasonably healthier life with greater self-awareness. Whilst establishing a regular yoga and meditation practice, he explored the yoga philosophy. His established yoga practice and desire to take his practice deeper lead him to complete his yoga teacher training during 2016.

Practising and teaching yoga continues to create opportunities for him to connect with himself and others on a deep and personal level. Simon’s style of teaching is physically challenging and engages a deep connection with the inner-self. Encouraging students to form a healthy, honest, kind and compassionate relationship with themselves and others.

“Yoga teaches us to cure what need not be endured and endure what cannot be cured.”

B.K.S. Iyengar
Simon’s own practice is centred around the notion of physical and emotional balance, his classes reflect this. Having this awareness helps guide others towards living a happier, healthier and balanced life.

Simon believes that yoga has encouraged him to explore how he feels, to listen and to observe how his mind and body come together through yoga. To challenge but not compete with others or himself, to listen and learn from within.

Yoga is a personal and intimate journey, it directs students to look inwards, towards their true inner-self. Exploring the strong relationship between the students mind and body, challenging how the student lives, acts, responds and the choices they make. Gaining insight with self-enquiry. Understanding the system of yoga forces students to reflect with greater awareness, can lead to making positive changes and better life choices.

Simon strongly believes yoga is a beautiful system that peels away the layers of perceived identity, creates colourful and fruitful pathways to discover the true self that can help live a peaceful and more fulfilling life.

Simon teaches a number of classes around Bristol, from time to time he covers classes for other teachers and is available to talk or discuss your practice on a 1 on 1 basis.

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In addition to teaching yoga, Simon is a qualified massage therapist. Simon uses his knowledge and experience gained from practising and teaching yoga, combined with his massage training to bring the mind and body closer together through a holistic and therapeutic approach.

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Call or text Simon on 07831774200.